About Us

Wayfarerr: A traveler, especially on foot, traveling and gathering hidden gems for the world to sit back and take note of!  


Wayfarerr is an enabling platform for ANYONE including - Small, Micro & Non-Businesses, aspiring Entrepreneurs, Individuals, Students and Firms (Proprietorship, Partnership, NGO, Society, Trust, Co-Operative... including offline Companies) to display their Creations (Products, Services, Digital Content) in global consumer markets and monetize with ZERO cost to begin with and ZERO hassle from wherever they are located. Our Human Initiative is to financialy empower every individual and community to achieve a better living by enabling their creations to reach the world stage, with special emphasis on economically challenged and unorganized business sector.


From the consumers point of view, Wayfarerr was born out of passion to provide consumers with unparalleled services experience and provide direct access to products from the source, thereby reducing and eliminating the costs added into the supply chain and give a fresh lease of life for creators by helping them realize the true value of their creation. Our motto is to help Consumers "Go beyond!" via products and services that are mostly crowd sourced, unique and inaccessible.


Wayfarerr is a platform for Buyers and Sellers to congregate and fulfil each others' needs.  Local creators can utilize our no-cost, ready-to-market platform to monetize their talent / creations /  produce that would have been inaccessible to consumers in the first place. Local / Unknown Sellers / Creators will get global exposure, will be able to create market awareness, will get wider market access to their creations and get the recognition they deserve, using W.


Wayfarerr is not just facilitating consumers to discover new, amazing products and services on an everyday basis but is also an empowering technology & ground network services that is a lifeline for technology crippled, down trodden, low income groups, rural communities, unemployed et. al.

The following Wayfarerrs  have set out to make the difference. At this point of time, their introduction is limited. They believe, it's the cause that matters. 


W Core Team:

• Instrumentation Technology & Electronics Engineer, Bangalore University, KA, INDIA and an MBA in Marketing, Consumer Behavior, EXIM, International Business (Asia-Pacific), CLU, CA, USA
• Industrial Production Engineer, Visveswaraiah Technological University, KA, INDIA and an MBA in Human Resources & Marketing, St. Joseph's, Bengaluru, KA, INDIA
• Telecommunications Engineer, Bangalore University, KA, INDIA and an MBA in Marketing, Institute of Business Management & Research, Bengaluru, KA, INDIA
• Commerce Masters & Gold Medalist in Income Tax, Accounting, Bangalore University, KA, INDIA and an MBA in Finance, Visveswaraiah Technological University, KA, INDIA


Our Consultants, so far:

• Computer Science Engineer, Univeristy of Calicut, KL, INDIA and a Trans-National IT Architect
• Computer Applications Masters, Sacred Heart, Tirupatur, TN, INDIA
• Computer Science Engineer, Kuvempu University, KA, INDIA and MS in System Software, BITS, RJ, INDIA